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We can make it easy to target potential customers, clients and contacts on Social Media.  We setup your campaign, manage it and help you increase sales and opportunities.  

Here is how our program works.

We use our internal software to identify groups, using your definition of your ideal customers or prospects.  We then create a custom plan for your business that targets those prospects.  We then deliver results for you.  Simple.

We do more than most large digital ad agencies as they target potential customers from a 'cover' mentality.  We use a 'target' approach.  They market to the masses, we market to those individuals who are most likely to do business with your company.  They use a spread approach, while we use a pinpoint approach.

There are over 60 million small businesses on social media with only about 3.5 million businesses using social media to attract new business.  Of that number only about 1% of businesses are executing it the proper way.  And the large majority of those businesses are fumbling around throwing dollar after dollar trying to figure out how to use social media to attract customers.  We have figured out how to deliver you leads using our technology and methods.

We use high tech, informative and insightful software and the knowledge from our experts to target the buying techniques of your ideal customer.  We spend a considerable amount of time getting to know your ideal audience.

    What we do for you 

    • Ad Creation & Automatic Cross Platform Optimization
    • Real Time Simple Reporting
    • Full Analytics along with suggestions on future target opportunities
    • Landing Page Creation if needed for identifying the effectiveness of a campaign
    • Intent Based Audience Targeting along with market analysis of potential customers

    Prospecting Leads Delivered to You...

    • We use our technology to deliver prospecting leads to your email.
    • We identify your target market and we pursue your target market thus freeing you up to run your business.
    • You set the budget you want to deliver the leads you need.
    • No contracts, Stop anytime, Pause anytime, You are in Total Control.  Increase your budget, decrease your budget.
    • Plan, Action, Direction, Execution - We Deliver Results for you.  Give us a try.

    Types of Businesses we currently work with:

    • Insurance Companies
    • Insurance Brokers & Sales People
    • Financial Product Sales People
    • Financial Advisors & Wealth Management Practices
    • CPA's & Accounting Firms
    • Home Improvement Contractors
    • Retail Businesses
    • Internet Retail Businesses & Websites
    • Restaurants, Coffeehouses, & Ice Cream Parlors
    • Dry Cleaners
    • Banks
    • Professional Sports Teams
    • Private Educational Institutions
    • Colleges & Universities
    • Local Sports Programs

    Our Clients Include:

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