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Tactical Target Tango Prospecting Program

Tactical Target Tango Prospecting Program

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Tactical Target Tango Prospecting Program for Financial Advisors & Financial Planners

*See Why we are currently working with over 675 Financial Advisors in 2018. (Data is thru 10/31/18)

  • Some say Prospecting for new clients is dead in today's world.  We say that is 100% incorrect.  Financial Advisors CAN PROSPECT for new business and acquire new clients.  We show you how.
  • Our Prospecting Programs are different.  We help you comb for potential prospects and engage with them.  We call it Tactical Target Tango Prospecting developed by Brian T. Deegan, an industry recognized leader in prospecting.  We help you develop and target your market, geographic and focus.  We help you optimize them with our technology & process for social media engagement, email engagement and contact using the Tactical Target Tango Method. 
  • We setup your TTT Prospecting Factory for your Practice.  You interact with the Prospects - We Guide You in What to Do, What to Say, How to Close the Prospect.  
  • TACTICAL - The language you use has a profound impact on the results of first engaging a prospect, then following up with the prospect, finding common ground and understanding, looking for ways to add value and then be able to set appointments to get in front of the prospect.  We show you how to succeed in today's world.  
  • TARGET - Get in front of the correct prospects and don't waste your time with ones that do not matter to the prospect equation.  We show you how and how to politely end the pursuit of those that do not matter.  You are looking for a select group of prospects to make it through the prospecting funnel to the end of the process.  It is a Factory Production Funnel that finishes with clients who join your practice. We guide you.  We help you deliver.
  • TANGO - The Phoenetic Word for T in police circumstances.  Our founder is a former police officer who shows you how to 'dance' with the prospect using strategies learned from being trained in interrogation and interviewing.  We guide you.  It makes a difference.
  • Together - TACTICAL TARGET TANGO works to deliver results to your process.  In fact there is no stronger prospecting program available today anywhere.
  • A couple of new clients and you have paid for this program.  We make it SIMPLE.
  • Tested in over 45 different geographic markets in the USA - It works. 
  • Plan, Direction, Action, Execution - We are there every step of the way.

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