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Do You Move Forward During the Holidays or Move Backwards?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  At this time of year there is much in our lives and world to be thankful for.  Thanksgiving starts a six week period that we call the 'holidays'.  Although we find ourselves busy with family and other obligations, you can enjoy the holidays while taking a step ahead in your practice and business. Plenty of advisors tend to bunker down and complete 'year end' tasks.  They put projects on hold until January and tend to coast in their businesses.  Advisors fail to realize that this can be one of the most productive times during the year to prospect and develop new business.  

I am not talking about building a business plan for next year.  I am talking about taking solid steps with your clients to engage them in a great hunt for your next clients.  The holidays are a perfect time to be introduced to friends, coworkers and relatives of your clients.  But how do you balance the never ending questions in your head of whether or not you are pushing too far with asking and what is really intrusion and what is really opportunity?  You do not want to sound too sales-ey, do you?  You want to mount an impressive campaign that will yield results?  Do you want to understand the emotional connection and how to bring that about with the proper language with your clients?  Do you want to know what motivates your clients to introduce you to their loved ones?  their friends?  their co-workers?  If you unlock the emotional connection, you win the referral.  

We, at 4most enterprises, are spending the six week period of the holidays helping advisors like you uncover large amounts of referrals.  I was on a call this morning with an advisor I know from the midwest.  He had questions about our TurnKey Holiday Referral Program.  I gave him four words to ask one of his clients.  I told him to hang up the phone and call the client and ask those four words.  I then showed him what to do next.  He called me back and told me he has lunch on the 5th of December with his client and his client's boss. Simply put we can help you succeed this holiday season.

Remember the mood is set by you.  I hope you take some time to enjoy the holidays.  I hope you take a step forward and not a step backwards.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  Be safe.  

Brian T Deegan
Chief Executive Officer 
& The Entire Team at 4mostenterprises.com