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Are you getting the Client Referrals you need from your clientbase?

How are client referrals working in your business? If you are not receiving 2 client referrals each and every week, then it is time to think about two things. Why am I not receiving 2 client referrals per week for a total of 100 plus client referrals each and every year? What am I as the salesperson doing to make a client referral strategy a priority? You have to ask yourself if you are fully committed to receiving those types of results within your business in order to grow. What methods of client referral harvesting are you using everyday? Do you just sometimes ask clients for referrals and just fumble from one interaction to another? We have client referral programs down to a science. Over one hundred of our clients are using our Blastotopia TurnKey Referral Program. We setup the program and give you everything you need in order to be successful. These programs are one of our most popular offerings and make the process simple for you to manage. Looking to give it a try in 2019? Let us know. Let's have a confidential conversation today. You will be well on your way to maximizing client referrals in 2019. Here's some more information on our Blastotopia TurnKey Referral Programs.